Will Chatbot Technology Become More Useful in 2020?
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Will Chatbot Technology Become More Useful in 2020?

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 8, 2020

AI chatbot technology will make life easier and are going to become more useful and impact consumer lives at a more meaningful level.

Fremont, CA: We are encountering a brand new decade which is ready to accept technology across a broad range of industries. Machine intelligence plays a huge role in replacing humans and at the same time solving unsolved problems. A number of business applications including messaging, healthcare, customer service and many more are utilizing AI-powered chatbots proving that chatbots will be the future of businesses. Chatbots are continuously evolving and becoming better every year. Consequently, it helps companies perform a more significant role in customer service.

The real concern for enterprises will be maintaining these chatbots, ensuring that they are providing high accuracy and right responses. Here are glimpses of what may be brought about by the AI-powered chatbot technology in different sectors in 2020.

First of all, 2020 will be the year of voice support platforms utilizing natural language processing (NLP) and AI-based conversational analytics to enable organizations to foster personalization through greater consumer insights. Voice interaction through chatbots will create a momentous shift in the way people communicate with brands using AI-assisted devices. This is possible by AI-driven technology as it helps machines understand and interpret human language as it is spoken. NLP, a component of AI, aids in the analysis of human language. The advancement of natural language processing (NLU) will make bot-to-bot communication effective, thus reducing human involvement.Top Artificial Intelligence Solution Companies

Conversation analytics technology transliterates voice interaction through natural language query and converts it into a structured data that can be analyzed for insights. With machine-learning trained systems, conversational analytics will help organizations to improve their chatbots and voice applications, resulting in better data-driven decisions and improved business performance. Thus conversational AI interfaces including texts, chatbots and voice assistants will leverage machine learning technologies making them more predictive and allowing businesses to serve customers efficiently and quickly.

Voice search will be the crucial component of customer experience owing to its simplicity. In 2020, more than 75 percent of customer interactions will be made AI. Data from these interactions will help marketers create a more authentic digital communication experience than traditional digital channels.

Insight engines will be the companion technology along with chatbots. Because as per Gartner, it is predicted by 2022, 40 percent of employees will use AI agents before making decisions in day-to-day business. While conventional chatbots cannot handle this task, insight engines can take advantage of the strengths of real AI. Enterprise-grade bots can automate time-consuming tasks like making orders and payments, and invoicing clients by using a messaging platform to implement these activities. AI-powered chatbots will give personal assistance to every employee with tasks like booking business travel, managing to-do lists and scheduling meetings. The reliance on chatbots will grow enormously such that the hours spent with a chatbot will exceed than an average consumer converse with family members and coworkers for their instant responding capability.

Chatbots will be the next preferred digital interface with their advanced contextual capabilities which utilizes deep learning to personalize any experience. Additionally, chatbot implementations will help in new ways with recruiting and training. These chatbots will penetrate every area of the organization to augment human intelligence and enable the employee to do their jobs more optimally than before. In 2020, chatbots will dominate human interactions more than ever before, and to keep up in this year and to stay competitive, organizations must incorporate these AI-powered chatbots into their service. Chatbots will extremely hemp businesses create a sharp brand image and deliver the best customer service.

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