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Will Cloud Computing Bring a New Business Ecosystem in 2020?

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 8, 2020

As companies continue to shift their operations to the cloud, open-source technologies will boost the advancement in the coming years.

FREMONT, CA: The definition of cloud computing has changed drastically over the years, with the fast adoption of edge and hybrid cloud. While still considering an early-stage technology, the cloud is expected to develop in the coming years, and both enterprise and consumer applications will shift from cloud-enabled to cloud-native.

Despite the expectation of what cloud computing can do for the companies and underpin the modern business infrastructure, a lot of industries and their businesses are yet to make a huge leap. One of the recent McKinsey surveys mentioned that a big challenge among enterprises to completely migrate their operations to the cloud. There is a massive pause between the IT giants who migrated over 50 percent of their workload to the cloud, compared those who trailed behind with less than 5 percent.

Cloud computing is viewed as the centralized data center running several physical servers. Although this perception is missing as one of the most significant opportunities brought by cloud computing is distributed cloud infrastructure. As the businesses require near-instant access to data and computing resources to serve customers, they are increasingly looking to edge computing.

In 2020, companies will continue to see the growing adoption of containers, that is the technology enabling developers to manage and shift software code to the cloud. For enterprises that use multi-cloud infrastructure, containers enable portability between the AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and adjust DevOps plans to speed up software production.

Open-source software is the most popular it's ever been. An increasing number of organizations are integrating open-source software into their IT operations or even building entire businesses around it. The cloud offers an ecosystem for open source to thrive. The large amount of open-source DevOps tools automation and infrastructure platforms such as OpenStack and Kubernetes is supporting the growing open source adoption.

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