Will NetApp be Helpful For Enterprises in Handling Performance-Sensitive Applications?
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Will NetApp be Helpful For Enterprises in Handling Performance-Sensitive Applications?

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The transformation of research into ground-breaking discoveries needs a combination of modern technology and intelligent scientists. NetApp storage solutions are with HPC file systems, including IBM Spectrum Scale, BeeGFS, Lustre, and others to manage reliability and performance requirements of the companies.

FREMONT, CA: Worldwide, scientists are looking for discoveries that will boost safety, expand universe awareness, and address some of the most important problems in the world. NetApp storage systems offer an entire line of high-performance and high-density storage systems. NetApp storage systems use of a modular architectural system with advanced price/performance that provides the real value-for-money approach to meet multi-petabyte datasets requirements. The storage systems speed up access to data and enable the enterprises to develop valuable insights for performance-sensitive workloads swiftly.

Enterprises are searching for ways to enhance the speed and responsiveness of applications that govern their complex business operations. Since the application performance is a key driver of time to revenue, market, and consumer satisfaction, it is critical for enterprises to function at the highest level of efficiency. The storage systems of NetApp are able to double the output of presently available all-flash arrays using the serial SCSI (SAS) protocol. NetApp is a pioneer in this service as businesses keep making moves to flash. The technology empowers the enterprises to accelerate write IOPS and write/read throughput using an end-to-end NVMe storage system, which is specially built for high-performance computing workloads.

The NetApp’s new EF600 all-flash array provides 2 million sustained IOPS, 44GBps of throughput, response times below 100 microseconds, and offers a leading performance/price ratio for business workloads. With the reliable simplicity, modular design, and simple management tools of the NetApp’s solutions, it has become much easier to scale the EF600 without adding any complexity associated with management. 

The quick and valuable insights from an array of mixed workload environments empower the enterprises to differentiate from their competitors and speed up their time to market. NetApp’s efficient storage solutions enable the consumers to unlock the value of their data and quickly build insights, which were earlier impractical for performance-sensitive workloads like real-time analytics, Oracle databases, and high-performance computing applications.