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Willamette University Adopts Yamaha to Improve Remote Learning

By CIOReview | Friday, January 8, 2021

Yamaha Unified Communications improves Willamette University's transformation to remote learning while maintaining excellence in teaching.

FREMONT, CA: Yamaha Unified Communications is improving universities' transformation to remote learning while maintaining excellence in teaching. 36 Yamaha YVC-1000 Microphone and Speaker Systems were selected and installed by Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, in 32 new hybrid classrooms, clearly recording the whole classroom's audio and delivering it to the far end. Remote students do not have to worry about ever losing the discussion, with the YVC-1000 in place, and professors do not have to waste time repeating questions.

"We first tested the YVC-1000 in our shop where we have this big fan. When we turn that fan on, it gets really noisy. The YVC-1000 cancelled it out," said Douglas Wenger, manager of technical support services. "I don't expect a mic located right next to a fan to be able to cancel out that level of noise."

Zoom-certified Yamaha YVC-1000 has a unique intelligent microphone and wide-range speaker unit that can be positioned next to a monitor for seamlessly blended audio and video to allow full far-end comprehension. The adaptive echo cancellation of Yamaha and other features like high-quality sound processing technologies that have been built over the years often help promote stress-free communication.

Since the YVC-1000 can be daisy-chained for up to five microphones, it is perfectly suitable for picking up audio around the room. Another advantage is that the technology team can adjust the number of mics used to customize the audio for the room's size and shape and set it inside the room. Each is fitted with three, four, or five microphones, depending on space's size. The speakerphone's easy-to-apply architecture was perfect for converting the former event spaces and a 125-seat theater in less than an hour into an elevated, hybrid classroom.

"In a college class, a vital part of learning is the discussion that takes place between the instructor and students. However, most classrooms are not equipped to capture that exchange for remote students, and they lose out on that information," said Meghan Kennelly, Yamaha UC's director of global marketing and communications. "Willamette is a great demonstration of YVC-1000's powerful capabilities in supporting arising audio challenges due to COVID-19. With YVC-1000, colleges and universities can affordably and quickly answer the question of how to help remote students feel as if they are right in class."