Winchester Systems Launches a New AFA for High Performance SSD Solution

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 20, 2015

BILLERICA, MA: In order to provide a wider storage solution, Winchester Systems launches FlashDisk AFA which uses 2.5” SSDs to provide secure storage of data and avoid the risk of data loss that may happen due to de duplication and compression of data.

The FlashDisk AFA holds 24 SSDs with capacity from 400GB to 3.84 TB each to provide 9.6 TB to 92 TB that can be expanded to two shelves to increase the total capacity to 276 TB per system with 72 SSDs. The SSDs used by the FlashDisk AFA offer various endurance capabilities that help in optimizing I/O intensity. These endurance capabilities can be measured in Drive Writes per Day (DWD). The DWD units may vary from 0.5 DWD to 30 DWD based on its write intensity.

The FlashDisk AFA facilitates IT managers to easily optimize cost, performance, and endurance through its tiered storage support that extends to four tiers of data. The management of multiple FlashDisk AFA systems can be done using an embedded GUI and FlashDisk Global Manager 3. In addition, it is FCC, UL and CE compliant.

“The FlashDisk AFA is focused on continuous high performance and delivers 2 to 8 times the IOPS per dollar than appliance solutions that need compression and de-duplication appliances to make them viable. Without the expensive appliance, FlashDisk AFA offers a substantially lower initial cost of entry for SMBs and departmental environments,” says Joe Sanzio, CTO, Winchester Systems.