Windows 10: A Knock to Explore 3D Holographic World

By CIOReview | Friday, January 23, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Microsoft claims to provide more personal computing with the latest release of its operating system (OS) Windows 10. The new OS promises to secure privacy and be conducive to mobility.

The company has decided that it upgrades the operating system on all Windows devices including mobile, personal computer (PC) and tablets to Windows 10 at free of cost in the first year of launch.

Windows as a Service
Updates to Windows 10 will be made available to the users as when they are built without waiting so as to be launched as part of a package in the next upgrade.  Also, the developers can make one universal app that can connect multiple devices such as, PC, tablet, phone, Xbox and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Windows 10 is developed according to the feedback provided by millions of people through the Windows Insider program. Microsoft thinks that every single user should not be hindered with the increasing complexity of technology. The company helps them to interact with it in more sophisticated and seamless way, as reported by Terry Myerson, Microsoft Windows Blog.

Microsoft introduces as well as updates multiple features that are listed below:

 Cortana: Microsoft’s personal digital assistant gives relevant recommendations, fast accessible information and important reminders to its user. The assistant, first time with Window 10, can be operated by voice command or manual typing. It works on both PC and tablet.

 Phones and Tablets: The OS delivers fast, smooth, familiar experience to PC, phones and tablets for seamless interaction.

Web Experience: The Windows 10 introduces next-gen browser under the code name ‘Project Spartan’ to serve the user with great interoperability, reliability and discoverability. The web browser features the inclusion of annotated notes by keyboard or writing directly on webpage with easy sharing with anyone. It provides a distraction free reading view of article or webpage in simplified layout online as well as offline. Cortana can also help users search and operate tasks faster.

 Office Universal Apps: The new versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook will have the touch facility where creating and editing word document, annotate slides in real-time with inking features and update Excel sheet with touch-first controls can be done without using mouse or keyboard. The company soon will be releasing new version of Office as well.

New Universal Applications: The new innovative apps gives enhanced experience to view photos, videos, music, maps, people and mail as well as calendar. All of these apps will be stored and synced through OneDrive that helps user to continue their task on another device.

Xbox Live and Xbox App: Xbox live gaming network will be shared on Windows 10 as well as Xbox One where gamer can capture, edit and share any gaming moments with Game Digital Video Recording (DVR). The user can also play their favorite games online as well as with mates across devices. The games, developed for DirectX 12, have enhanced graphics capability with great speed and efficiency.

Continuum Mode: Microsoft, with its latest OS, allows users to switch mode between keyboard/mouse and touch/tablet on their 2in1 devices.

HoloLens: Windows 10 opens the door for new 3D holographic world by introducing holographic computing platform. Windows universal apps works as holograms around the real world where users can communicate, create and explore with more personal and human perspective without any wires, phones or connection to a PC. The HoloLens utilizes advanced sensors to observe and act according to users’ hand gesture as well as voice command.

 Microsoft Surface Hub: Windows 10 also introduces Microsoft Surface Hub to allow users to expand their conference room experience with its large screen view, available in 55 inch and 84 inch, working within a team collaboratively. The hub comprises custom version of Skype for Business and OneNote integrated into OS that can utilized full potential of built in cameras, sensors and mics.

With these many features, Microsoft has taken a big stride ahead to provide its customers with more personalized experience and it has imprinted an evolutionary remark by introducing 3D holographic world.