Windows Apportals - Single Screen Management of Wide Range of Apps for Businesses

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 17, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Microsoft has recently launched a Windows 8.1 app, Windows Apportals, which can integrate an enterprise’s complete Line of Business (LOB) stack in a simplified manner. Apps and data are organized and revealed in a systematic way depending upon the specific role or task. This app mitigates the hassles involved by achieving less searching for the right application and the relevant data thus pushing the productivity to greater heights.

Customers implement software from multiple vendors to an extent that they themselves may feel it hard to cull to pick the right app at the right time. This could deter business prospects due to inefficiency in managing time. As the LOB apps variety gets inflating, business’ woes would increase in effective handling of their purchased software. Windows Apportals integrates this heterogeneous set of apps in order to achieve ease of use.

Fuelling better app management, Apportals brings in flexibility in customizing apps and data based on a wide range of categories such as business verticals, down to specific jobs reflecting the needs of the industry. It can be deployed and updated automatically through the corporate app store. It leverages Active Directory to filter, share and display data on live tiles based on a user’s role. Grid tiles allow users to find all the apps, link and relevant metric for a specific task. Customers can build their own Apportals with the help of the guide available on the Microsoft official website.