Windsor Southeast Supervisory Union Integrates New Dashboard through OneCampus

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 9, 2015

SCOTTSDALE, AZ:  Windsor Southeast Supervisory Union (WSESU), a provider of learning environments for students across four districts from pre-kindergarten to grade twelve, implements rSmart’s OneCampus to power their new Dashboard, a one-stop shop for school tasks and applications. The cloud-based platform backs administrators to remain focused on student achievement while keeping parents and faculty up-to-date.

rSmart delivers innovative technology solutions for higher education through its OneCampus platform. It enables WSESU students, faculty, and parents to search and connect with information and services in one location from any device. The new dashboard helps users to quickly search for what they want to do, take details about a particular service or application and launch it with a click. Making it easy to search by phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, its responsive design supports multiple devices and browsers.

“If a parent wants to view a particular school’s calendar, they can simply type ‘calendar’ into the search box and will be immediately returned a set of matching tasks. The best fit can be easily identified by the task’s name and icon, or they can view additional details. Parents can also use the drop down filters to return information specific to a particular school,” explains Larry Dougher, Chief Information Officer, WSESU.

The dashboard allows users to browse tasks by category and view the most popular tasks.  Set of related tasks such as Curriculum for faculty or Google Apps for students can be found and located easily from the task centers.

“When evaluating new platforms for their dashboard, WSESU looked for an intuitive, easy to scale solution that could be delivered on their next-generation fiber with connectivity to the Internet2 backbone,” says Tony Potts, CEO, rSmart.