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Wipro Chooses NexentaStor for Data Storage Infrastructure

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 10, 2015

SANTA CLARA, CA: Nexenta, provider of Open Source driven Software Defined Storage (SDS) announces that Wipro, provider of IT services, has selected its NexentaStor, an Open Source SDS for creating storage infrastructure to Wipro’s virtual desktop requirements.

NexentaStor is an Open Source SDS that allows its users to evolve their storage infrastructure, increase flexibility, simplify management, and reduce costs. It delivers unified file (Network File System and Server Message Block) and block (Internet Small computer System Interface) storage services, runs on industry standard hardware and includes data management functionability. Some of the features offered by NexentaStor include lowering storage costs, easy deployment and support, one software stack for all storage configurations and eliminates lock in with software deployed on industry standard hardware.

NexentaStor will be deployed on Wipro’s x86 hardware. Wipro will also deploy its borderless project infrastructure to its users following the successful internal deployment of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. The employees of Wipro will also be benefitted after implementing Nexenta’s SDS, and SSDs (Solid State Drives) disks and enable them to work from anywhere and get the desktop image without tampering of data.

"We needed a cost-effective storage solution that could scale with our VDI implementation.  Nexenta demonstrated that we can achieve great performance metrics while being able to scale the storage capacity at an optimal cost. We are excited to work with Nexenta for our internal storage requirements and also offer the same solution to our customers," says Raja Ukil, CIO, Wipro.