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Wired2Perform Integrates Enterprise Tools with Behavioral Science

By CIOReview | Thursday, August 13, 2020

Wired2Perform announced the incorporation of its behavioral science insights with the enterprise messaging and collaboration platforms.

FREMONT, CA: Wired2Perform is a workforce analytics software-as-a-service (SaaS) organization. They recently announced the incorporation of its behavioral science insights with the enterprise messaging and collaboration platforms, such as Google Suite, Microsoft 365, Slack, Zoom, and many more. This combination will help develop workforce agility that will mainly targetmillennials and Gen-Zs, and it is estimated to dominate 75 percent of the workforce by 2025.

The organization considers that a better approach to the workforce experience can be made with self-awareness. The fundamental structure of Wired2Perform’s platform is built on a psychometric test along with patent-pending behavioral science and people analytics devices. These tools provide innovative growth profiles for the employees, which consists of personalized insights into the individual’s personality and workplace behavior, such as strengths, motivators, fear, weaknesses, and many more in real-time. The platform can even evaluate scores like Adaptability ScoreTM, Coachability ScoreTM, etc. They have become an essential feature for the futureofwork as AI and automation will augment the rate of transformation that can be witnessed in what and how work is done.

Identifying behavioral science perceptions can be vital for developing skills, as they have to maximize the workforce's potential and performance and make sure the workplace conditions are as effective as possible. Wired2Perform is advancing more by layering these insights on top of the existing tools and services that several employers already utilize for an instant rise in employee engagement with the help of the community, BehaviorallySmartTM, and communication.

“Understanding workforce talent and how to communicate effectively is a priceless tool for any individual and company management teams,” said Raghu Misra, founder, and CEO of Wired2Perform. “At Wired2Perform, we are embedding behavioral science into platforms that companies are already using in order to maximize workforce talent and help individuals and businesses work more efficiently. Imagine having an employee’s behavioral profile automatically populate before joining a virtual meeting to understand you’re talking to a group of people who are skeptical and creative, to an initiator who is spontaneous and creative but prefers direct communication that presents big picture ideas with bottom-line options and opportunities. These are the insights employers and HR professionals need to build the workforce of the future.”