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Wireless But Not Powerless!

By CIOReview | Monday, June 17, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The most convenient way to stay connected with the employees in a company is by using a wireless business network which can enable both the parties to converse with each other without any physical appearances. Anyhow, implementing wireless can open up the business to numerous cyber threats which can extort crucial information from the system and weaken the infrastructure.

Every wireless network must have robust security tools and policies intact to protect attacks from destroying the enterprise as well as address internal security in order to shield the network nodes from creating a problem.

Multiple Dimensions of Security:

Security threats are frequently developing to familiarize with the new technologies which make cybersecurity an important asset for the company in order to combat any uncertain threats and attacks. It is necessary to protect the wireless networks from external and internal threats equally to remain confined.

Threat from the Outside World:

The venture must always be ready with appropriate security applications to face the approaching threats as well as prevent the factors outside the system that are attempting to access the dedicated business network. Since there are potential viruses that can enter the network by opening the assigned defenses, it is crucial to have solutions like endpoint security or firewalls to tighten the safety of the wireless.

Risks Within:

Companies can have unprotected user devices that might be malicious data, prone to a huge expansion in the wireless network system. It can be as dangerous as an external threat as it holds the capacity of spreading unnecessary threat within the system from any random or personal device used in the network.

Restrict Accesses:

Wireless networks can be accessed by any random attuned device that is found within the range of its connectivity. The need for setting up policies to confine the accessibility of the network should be given utmost priority in a business-critical application, ultimately safeguarding the company’s data from an unsafe device.

 Authentication and Encryption:

To keep the wireless network safe from distrusted devices, the company can ask for authentication before they attempt to connect with it. Furthermore, the enterprise should make sure that the wireless network device supports data encryption in order to stop unauthorized users from tampering with the information along with changing the default IP address and protect it with password time to time.

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