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Wireless Gigabit Connectivity on the Horizon

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 15, 2014

FREMONT, CA: According to–a research agency–the Wireless Gigabit market is growing at 111.2 percent Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) to 2019. Popularly called WiGig, the technology gets the support of WiGig Alliance as well as prominent industry standardization bodies such as IEEE, Wi-Fi alliance, and VESA.

WiGig is a short range in-room wireless technology that works in the unlicensed 60 GHZ range with a data transfer speed of 7Gbps with higher accuracy and better quality compared to its predecessors. At this lightening speed, transferring audio, high definition video, multimedia applications and backup data works beyond expectations. It is ten times faster than the existing 802.11n Wi-Fi standard.

The technology supports wireless docking that opens up the doors for wireless communication between other gadgets such as PCs, tablets, home entertainment devices, computer peripherals, USBs and display ports. This technology supports backward compatibility with the earlier versions easily.

WiGig Alliance has announced that it has got certification ready specifications for WiGig and is looking forward to enhance the viability of the technology.

Hardware manufacturers are lining up network products that leverage the capability of the WiGig. With more data going digital and sharing of digital data, WiGig can be expected to carry the significant portion of the wireless data in the coming days.   

Protocol Adaptation Layer–a draft for WiGig specifications released by WiGig Alliance mentions WiGig synchronization with PCI express (PCIe), USB technology and with hard drives. The Wireless Display Extension focuses on synchronizing WiGig with display devices such as external monitors, Televisions, display port connectors and high definition devices. The wireless docking of WiGig allows for sharing of the speed with all the devices connected to the docking station.

WiGig’s compliance with A/V equipments is analogous to connecting a dongle into the user’s Television HDMI port. This results in the streaming of the HD videos through superfast Wi-Fi.

WiGig Alliance in collaboration with Wi-Fi Alliance is working on multi-gigabit wireless networking in order to realize a next-gen Wi-Fi Alliance certification program.  WiGig Alliance and Wi-Fi Alliance are working together to realize the enablement of Wi-Fi operation in the 60 GHZ frequency band.

 Prominent areas where WiGig can be implemented are government and defense, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, education, transportation and logistics, media and advertisement, and oil and gas.