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With the Help of AI, Farmers can Create a Pest-Free Environment

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Integration of AI technology in the farming ecosystem will allow farmers to focus on dominating issues, creating an effective and efficient working environment.

FREMONT, CA: Imagine opening your snack box, only to find a dozen of infested bugs residing inside it; no doubt it will be a sickening sight to behold. The fear of bugs is ingrained in our brain so much so that even the idea of the previous sentence coming to reality will haunt several people. Furthermore, with the rise of sophisticated machinery, the factor of cleanliness comes into the functioning framework. However, Artificial Intelligence technology is the solution to eliminate infesting outbreaks.

From affecting agricultural plants to destabilizing the clinical balance, pest control remains one of the significant issues for a healthier and safer environment. According to a study by the UN Food and Agricultural Organization, nearly 20 to 40 percent of the agricultural outputs were infected and discarded due to pest-related diseases. Additionally, each year, the farmers and the global agrarian enterprises lose a significant chunk of their profit in pest related issues.

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When it comes to detecting and searching for insects within a large area, the AI monitoring technology can be a perfect tool for the farmers. Furthermore, the highly sophisticated system will work efficiently with the humans to provide an infestation free environment. AI-enabled systems like Google’s image classification and Machine Learning technology platforms will sift through the collected video data to not only detect bugs but also identify the family of insects.

Previously, the farmers would spend hours and even days for safeguarding the plants from rodents and insects. The traditional steps concluded the people to wander into chemically lashed fields, which proved to be very dangerous to health. However, with the integration of AI technology in the farming ecosystem, the power of automation will allow workers to focus on dominating issues, creating an effective and efficient working environment.

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On the other hand, AI-powered platforms will assist the workers in controlling pest by evaluating the perfect treatment needed for specific situations. With the personalized treatment approach, AI technology will eliminate the probability of any further pest infestation.