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WMS: Making Businesses More Efficient

By CIOReview | Friday, December 23, 2016

As competition increases among the enterprises, more and more companies are seeking new ways to improve their business process to stay ahead of the curve. To facilitate this, most of the organizations turn towards Workflow Management Systems (WMS) with goal to boost workflow efficiency and help them manage routine processes.

WMS enables users to follow-up unfinished tasks automatically and offers a unique picture of workflow along with performance metrics to assess employee’s day to day work. Besides, through this management system, organizations can improve responsiveness and profitability by orchestrating tasks between people and synchronizing data between systems.

The need for WMS usually triggers when the performance of the work environment hits a plateau or when leadership team feel they are spending more time on operational issues rather than focusing on the core aspects. Below are some of the key features and functionalities that an enterprise must look for in a WMS to streamline their procedures and update their core administration system.

Ability to Integrate with Existing System

The WMS that an enterprise chooses should be adaptable with the existing system and function as a gateway to the Line-of-Business-(LOB) applications so as to run the process smoothly. In addition, WMS tool should offer an ability to validate authorization and simplify the access to all the applications so that the user can access appropriate information needed for the workflow to finish specific task.

Flexible and Customizable

As most of the processes in an enterprise are complex, the WMS deployed should provide ultimate flexibility in creating and configuring workflow steps. Most of the companies find flexibility as an essential factor to have in the WMS tool. Therefore, enterprises must look for user-friendly systems that endure hassle-free alterations of workflow and task management procedures.

Follow-up Unfinished Activity

According to the thumb rule, the workflow cannot be created sequentially until the preceding task is completed successfully. Therefore, enterprise must ensure that WMS chosen offers sequence automation.

Task Distribution and Workflow Transfer

The appropriate workflow management system distributes tasks uniformly among group members and restricts unauthorized users from accessing sensitive data that belongs to a particular group. For instance, a director may need to delegate a task from one person to another within an assigned group. Therefore, WMS must provide flexibility to delegate the tasks to the right people and ability to monitor those tasks in case of exceptions.     

Load Balancing

At a minimum, WMS must be able to identify between high priority and low priority tasks. In addition to that it should also execute automatic task load balancing for all the users within a group.

Notification and Reminder

An efficient WMS should possess a notification method within a workflow process. Generally, notifications of employees come through emails but it shouldn’t limit just to that. Right WMS should embrace automatic task creation and e-mail generation, which is then assigned to users’ to do list. There are specific WMS that notifies through SMS or textual messages.

Cloud-based Technology

Choosing a WMS with a cloud-based technology would allow users to give approvals, access information and reports from any place at any time. Leveraging cloud computing thwarts enterprise in making huge investments in software that has to be frequently updated.

Workflow is a combination of several processes, integrating documents, cash-flows, sales reports and employee’s information inside workflow will boost its efficiency. Therefore, organizations must choose the best WMS that integrate seamlessly with other cloud services.


While choosing the WMS, enterprises must ensure that the chosen sustem is a best fit for the organizations and addresses all the issues. With that in mind, firms should not settle for something that is satisfactory, they should always look for system that keeps workflow quick and seamless. Workflow system may seem to be expensive; but it is definitely worth investing, if it is able to enhance business process performance. Once the WMS is accurately configured and integrated seamlessly with existing application, enterprises can then reap the benefits from WMS through enhanced efficiency, reduced errors and superior overall performance.

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