Wolf-Tek Upgrades GIS APEX Application to Android

By CIOReview | Friday, January 8, 2016

BIRMINGHAM, AL:  Wolf-Tek, developer of mobile GIS technology, broadcasted the launch of APEX Android version of Wolf-GIS APEX application for mobile devices. The APEX Android version is the first Mobile geo server app providing user friendly mapping tools for collection, mapping and display of location-based data.

“Wolf-Tek family of smart-device applications allows users to collect and display the important data needed to analyze and visually understand how location-intelligence can affect them. It provides the visual context to make better decisions," explicated Michael Golden, Founder and CEO, Wolf-Tek.

Features of Wolf GIS include location-based (GPS) data and drawing tool kit. Location-based (GPS) data can be collected effortlessly and displayed on selectable base map types whereas drawing toolkit uses GPS tracking to capture drawings both manually as well as automatically, and it also offers flexibility in attaching notes, images and other data to specific geo-locations.

APEX offers a mobile tool that helps telecommunication engineer in documenting asset locations and performing tasks swiftly. It also helps real estate professionals to capture location image data using filter, style and manage features, in a professional way.

"APEX Android and iOS allows a mobile user to import all common GIS file types with ease," asserted Tory Briggs, VP, Engineering and Operation, Wolf-Tek

The APEX’s features provide feasibility to manage land oriented data like gain access to public records, accurate tracking of maps, and to extract public records from real estate agents. Wolf-GIS APEX is available as Android application in Google Play Store and iOS app in the iTunes Store. It is also available as a Web-App to securely store location-based data in PC browser.