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Women in AI Changing the Businesses for Better

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Diversity in the workplace has always been a matter of concern, but more women on AI research is bound to produce the more powerful and sturdy the technology they will provide.

FREMONT, CA: A recent report observed that 80 percent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) professors, 90 percent of staffs at a popular search engine are male.  AI is sometimes publicized as a panacea, able to enhance and automate technology in a style that will resolve several of the social, business, and wellness issues. AI also has a well-documented diversity problem that can limit the potential of its usefulness or amplify the implicit biases that are present. The diversity in working staff can lead directly to shortcomings in the resulting technology.

The more women on these AI research and development units, the more powerful is the technology they will produce. The lack of diversity is undoubtedly a concern to many companies in the field of AI, especially when it comes to healthcare. Raising awareness and promote diversity while growing business ensures that new AI-powered tools serve all the patient populations they are meant to support to the best.

AI is an essential ally for physicians and medical providers when it comes to testing. A study showed that out of more than 280 million imaging tests performed every year, only 40,000 radiologists to read them. One result can be an inaccurate patient diagnosis. AI can assist in overcoming the shortage by automating that method to improve precision for all patients. AI is the umbrella term for every technology or algorithm that can clone any aspect of human intelligence.

AI has now become infinitely stronger using sophisticated deep learning algorithms and with increased computing power. It can now visualize and interpret images precisely as a human would and can be trained to recognize specific objects. AI is complementary to healthcare professionals, rather than a replacement. Companies are now building AI to help take over routine tasks to free practitioners to spend more time with patients.

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