WordPress More Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks!
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WordPress More Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks!

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 4, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Researchers opines that in the recent years cyber criminals are increasingly targeting websites on the basis of WordPress Content Management System and related software plugins, reports Robert Lemos for eWEEk.

Lack of security awareness and expertise are cited as reasons for the up-growth of this trend.  As per the Internet survey group W3Techs almost 24 percent websites use WordPress; and thus compared to other platforms, cases of cyber threats at WordPress is more severe. The attack can take any shape; sometimes a furious password guessing or vulnerable plug-in exploitation.

As the core platform of WordPress is tightly secured, the attackers eye on plugins that become the main area of vulnerability.  According to Tony Perez, CEO of Website security firm Sucuri, numerous attacks are detected in many of the WordPress plugins like SlimStat and FancyBox. Perez affirms the need for strong ecosystem and improved security to defend such attacks. In his opinion popularity of a site and attackers’ focus are closely related; once a site gains popularity then attackers initiate attacks, thinking that the attempt might be fruitful.