Workflow Templates from Redbooth Brings in Relevant Results to Productivity
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Workflow Templates from Redbooth Brings in Relevant Results to Productivity

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 7, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: In a time where, the focus is always over the tacit management of client work hours; there exist a lack of technology to effectively put it into practice. But using pre-defined workflow templates always guarantees consistency in delivering quality services, continuing on the same foot print, Redbooth, successfully launches a pre-formatted workflow templates for common tasks and processes for assisting customers to instantly experience substancial business results.

With popular services like Box and Google Drive, the new workflow template will make assigning and managing tasks based on content stored in the cloud easier. Redbooth will initially operate more than a dozen pre-formatted templates with an easy deployment of digital workspaces for variety of the most common disciplines where improved collaboration can help teams increase productivity and accountability.

The all-in-one workstream collaboration and communications platform aims at developing supplementary templates followed by availability of customer’s feedback. Redbooth will then customize the priority for the company and provide pre-formatted digital workspaces by consolidating all the feedbacks, best practices and commonly shared essentials across all walks of the disciplines materialized.

The presently used templates will accomplish projects across various departments like Information Technology, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources and Corporate Transactions functions.