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Worksoft: Providing Software for Automated Business Process Testing

By CIOReview | Monday, May 2, 2016
Shoeb Javed, CTO, Worksoft & Jim Kent, CEO, Worksoft

Shoeb Javed, CTO, Worksoft & Jim Kent, CEO, Worksoft

DALLAS, TX: One of the most promising providers of automation software, Worksoft Inc has been labeled as best by Gartner in the packaged application use case for software testing automation domain. It has become very important for the organizations these days to streamline their mission critical business processes across complex landscapes like web, mobile apps, in order to incur profits. Worksoft’s expertise in automation has helped many companies to meet their business goals by increasing their operational efficiency, along with mitigating the technology risks.

The Worksoft approach is unique as it focuses on end-to-end business processes. The company’s laser focused automation technology improves the quality and reduces the production defects. Worksoft’s functional test automation software has helped companies to validate over a million of core business processes in lesser time duration. “Automation allows the customers to confidently bring continuous change into their landscapes and know that they have validated their critical business processes,” states Shoeb Javed, CTO, Worksoft.

The Gartner’s industry report titled “Critical Capabilities for Software Test Automation” provides complete technical review on software test automation capabilities of 12 automation solution providers in the areas of packaged applications, responsive design, and mobile applications. The report has also outlined major functional areas and has rated vendor’s ability to support typical use case scenarios. “We feel the new Gartner report reinforces our view that Worksoft’s end-to-end approach is market-leading and unique. We believe that no other platform matches Worksoft’s capabilities,” remarks Jim Kent, CEO, Worksoft.

Gartner in its report also states though automation of software testing is not new, it has become very important due to digital revolution. Functional test automation focuses on the automation of testing simulating it in a way a real user would interact with an application by driving the user interface (UI). “We test organizations complete set of business processes across multiple complex business applications delivering industrial scale automation that mitigates risks and prevents business disruption,” adds Javed.

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