World Patent Marketing's Hype Keeps Mobile Constantly Charged

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 29, 2016

MIAMI, FL: World Patent Marketing, a manufacturer and provider of patented products recently disclosed Hype for protecting mobile phones. The marketing firm’s innovative product will provide mobile phone to be charged all the time while roaming.

“From keeping in touch with people to watching one’s favorite shows, a mobile phone is designed with so much function features. Hype is a technological invention provides a better way of carrying around a mobile phone while being able to constantly keep it charged at any time and any place,” says Jerry Shapiro, Director, World Patent Marketing.

World Patent Marketing provides enterprises a crystal clear overview on their invention’s potentials through its eight operations divisions such as: Research, Patents, Prototyping, Manufacturing, Retail, Web and Apps, Social Media and Capital Ventures.  The company’s ‘Research’ service conducts a detailed research on product branding and preliminary drawings. Its ‘Patents’ offers first-to-file step and the step also provide protection on the appearance and styling of customer’s invention including method’s protection as well. The ‘Prototype’ exhibits necessary designs of inventions and ‘Manufacturing’ step offers advanced and high quality manufacturing facilities.

World Patent Marketing’s ‘Retail’ operation showcases customer’s inventions across the global market via its online superstore. ‘Web and Apps’ service has been designed for product marketing and also for patented inventions. Its ‘Social Media’ provides information about the latest trends and ‘Capital Ventures’ reduces the necessity of brokerages and deals directly with inventors.

The company’s latest launch - Hype emerged as a technological invention and designed to provide protection to mobile phones. The product has been featured with cooling fans and air holes which endow a cool ambiance for mobile devices and its charging functionality allows users to charge their phone any time, because the frequent usage of mobile makes it easily heated up. The exterior of the product made up with highly durable plastic material that endows accidental damage protection.