Worldwide Supply New Business Collaborator of DHPA
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Worldwide Supply New Business Collaborator of DHPA

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Worldwide Supply, a globally active supplier of network and telecom equipment, solutions, and services, has joined the DHPA as a business partner. 

FREMONT, CA: Worldwide Supply was founded in 2004 and worked with and for operators, service providers, and data centers. Their primary goal is to let organizations save on CAPEX and OPEX. In addition to offering products and services for an affordable price, the Worldwide Supply is committed to service, quality, and speedy delivery. With an inventory value of above 1 billion dollars, Worldwide Supply provides more than 190 different brands with a lifetime warranty in above 400 countries.

Ruud Alaerds, director of the DHPA, says, "A company like Worldwide Supply serves IT and telecom companies worldwide with a wide range of competitively priced products and has its own support organization in addition to test labs and certified engineers. Companies in our network often have an ad hoc need for qualitative, but also competitively priced solutions. With this new partner we aim to add an extra dimension for our participants."

The DHPA (Dutch Hosting Provider Association) represents the top segment of the Dutch cloud and hosting sector with over thirty leading participants and dozens of A-brand suppliers of technology and services. DHPA participants differentiate themselves by professionalism, quality, and attention to information security. Together, they account for a substantial part of the turnover in the cloud and (managed) hosting in the Netherlands. Together with its code of conduct, DHPA sets the tone for professional, honest, and ethical action. This makes DHPA participants an example of the entire online sector when it comes to providing high-quality services.

Worldwide Supply (WWS) is a global provider of networking hardware and Managed IT services & solutions to enterprise customers with expertise in the data, wireless, and wireline technology sector. Based in northern New Jersey, with offices in California, New York, Massachusetts, Netherlands (Europe), Texas, and North Carolina, Worldwide Supply offers products, asset management programs, technical services, and third-party maintenance solutions to the clients around the world. Worldwide Supply has collaborated with a diverse collection of leading technology companies, including Dell, EMC, HP, Infinera, Radwin, Red Hat, VMWare, Ni2, and more.