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WTRS Announces Report on Energy Efficiency and Wireless Sensor Network

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 3, 2014

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA: West Technology Research Solutions has announced the results of their latest study on powered wireless technology for the current year.

The report includes an evaluation of technologies like EnOcean, an energy harvesting wireless technology and compares it to competitors like ZigBee Pro, and Z-Wave.

Titled ‘WTRS EnOcean and Self Powered Wireless Technology 2014’, this report analyzes and forecasts the market trends for EnOcean and other Self Powered Wireless Modules. It takes account of global as well as regional trends and predicts economic effects and strategic developments.

“One of the primary hurdles to wireless sensor market adoption is the requirements imposed by battery implementation. Large installations that require units to undergo battery replacement can create maintenance costs that overpower the initial cost of the equipment. Logistics surrounding battery condition monitoring and replacement can overwhelm customers,” said Kirsten West, Principal Analyst at WTRS

The report also covers –market opportunities, drivers impacting the market and industry alliances. It provides 5-year forecasts of dominant emerging self powered wireless sensor network module technologies that present insights into the sales volume, unit shipments, and ordinary selling price by geography.