X2CRM v5.4 Powered by AmazonAWS Delivers Live Transparent Network Status

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 7, 2016

SANTA CRUZ, CA: X2Engine, the provider of Customer Management Software releases the version 5.4 of its open source CRM application, X2CRM. The application chiefly built for small businesses, now consists of new sales and marketing workflow features, a novel Android mobile application.

The new features of the application include X2Touch Mobile Android App, Email Correspondence, Open Email Activity Triggers, Process Module and X2VPS Network Status Monitor. The latest version also implements tweaks to X2CRM cloud platform.

The app allows users to take photos, create, search, view and edit customer records. X2CRM monitors user email inboxes and automatically attaches customer emails to CRM records, which helps to create responses and alerts regarding marketing workflows. With X2Workflow, workflow automation triggers can be used to automate responses, alerts and other actions.

X2CRM can now use its process funnel service to meet the sales, non-financial and customized requirements of government, education and internal corporate sectors. In addition, their service is now powered with AmazonAWS to deliver a 24/7 transparent network status page for customers using X2VPS.

The company introduces a cost effective package which offers the scalability and flexibility by utilizing various enterprise CRM applications. Users can now customize X2CRM to meet the demands of their customer management data requirements and application web service connectors. It spans marketing communications, lead management, website visitor tracking and visual workflow automation. X2Process visual process tool supports sales and service process management. With multi-tenant cloud and private server download editions, customers can choose the required deployment and control options to manage their own servers.