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XcooBee Unveils Advanced System of Digital Payment to Improve In-Store Shopping

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 6, 2020

XcooBee, payments, and privacy solutions Fintech startup, has introduced a new advanced system related to digital payments and digital commerce.

FREMONT, CA: XcooBee, a payments and privacy solutions Fintech startup, has introduced a new, advanced system that consists of digital payments and digital commerce components translated for the in-store retail experience. The system offers consumers a safer, contactless, in-store checkout from anywhere that decreases the fears of long lines, overcrowding, and possible exposure to Covid-19. Retailers can even keep employees and consumers safer during processing more transactions and getting more detailed in-store analytics.

Nowadays, retailers have real difficulties around supporting their brick and mortar stores. The question over here is how to do can the companies develop consumer confidence around in-store safety to encourage them to come into the shop rather than choosing only online stores.

According to Bilal Soylu, Founder of XcooBee, “Our goal at XcooBee is to provide a safer retail environment for consumers and employees, while helping companies reduce costs, returns and improve in-store security.We see a new retail experience for the future that will help get consumers back into the stores for the 2020 holiday season and allows retailers the ability to conduct business faster, safer and more efficiently.”

XcooBee has developed a very flexible data processing platform, an advanced system that incorporates components of digital payments and digital commerce to translate for a new in-store experience. Furthermore, the network is a dynamic global work-flow engine, which allows creating several business procedures to run on top of it with better security and scalability. Compared with other organizations, XcooBee is the only company that prioritizes payments and verification. It is more comfortable and more affordable to roll out. It also provides more features and functionality, consisting of a customizable interface for branding and does not need extra hardware, such as NFC terminals or scanners.

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