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Xecuit Rolls Out Slack app—Kooler

By CIOReview | Monday, January 4, 2021

Xecuit, releases its' newest Slack app, Kooler, which develops workplace culture for virtual teams.

FREMONT, CA: Xecuit, a minority-owned and operated firm, releases its' newest Slack app, Kooler, which builds workplace culture for virtual teams.  With COVID-19, more and more firms find it challenging to keep employees engaged while working remotely.  According to a recent survey by XpertHR, 76 percent of respondents said that maintaining employee morale has been a difficult issue to handle. Kooler reduces this challenge.

Presently being tested with a select group of customers, Kooler seamlessly combines with Slack, providing unique features, including Kooler chat, Shoutouts, Watch parties, and Engagement analytics enables employees to select an interest(s) from several categories like entertainment, food, sports, or fun facts. Employees receive a daily push notification with the latest articles creating a space for organic conversation with colleagues who share their interests, just like chatting around the water cooler in the office.  Shoutouts employees to realize others who are living company values and doing exceptional work. Watch parties use Skill Scout curated videos to focus on timely workplace topics such as their virtual series Humans at Work.

As teams connect with video content and icebreaker questions sparking a unique team developing experience remotely. Finally, to get the most benefit from all of the app features, Analytics provides company administrators with engagement metrics on trending company values, team recognition via shoutouts, most engaging topics, and most popular interest categories.

Initial feedback from beta customers has been extremely positive. Kooler has assisted change that by keeping the values at the forefront every day. Kooler isn't just a tool. For me, it's allowed us to reevaluate our company values and put them into practice. Organizations can't afford to ignore morale because it has a costly impact.  Studies by the Queen's School of Business and the Gallup Organization found that companies with low employee engagement scores experienced 37 percent higher absenteeism, 18 percent lower productivity, 16 percent lower profitability, and 65 percent lower share price over time.

With a planned release date post-beta of March 2021, Xecuit couldn't have developed a more timely app. A Gallup poll also showed that employees prefer workplace wellbeing to material benefits, and wellbeing is attributed to one vital thing, a positive work culture.