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X-ink's alliance with Bridge simplifies database interfaces

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 18, 2014

SAN DIEGO: Bridge Patient Portal, has announced a partnership with the X-Link Solutions Network to improve Bridge's access to the Medical Health record systems databases.

Bridge Patient Portal offers solutions for patient engagement and features a full range of completely customizable features for hospitals and healthcare organizations. This includes appointment requests, e-consultations, prescription refills, online bill pay and medical records collaboration. Whereas X-Link connects EMR with the existing Practice Management System and thus saves time, reduces errors, and increases efficiency.

“X-Link allows you to stop maintaining and updating patient data separately in multiple programs and improve operational efficiency with real time access to data,” says Gary Gorsline, president and CEO of Easy Business Software.

Even though Bridge Patient Portal interfaces seamlessly with any EMR, the partnership with X-Link allows Bridge to immediately access direct database interfaces. This new alliance improves mapping, makes the interfacing and implementation process faster for the customer, and avoids many problems that can arise from custom interfaces. "Interoperability is what will define healthcare IT in the years to come. Our partnership with X-Link is demonstrative of our goal to support interfaces with all the major EMR and Practice Management systems in the market,” says John Deutsch, founder and CEO of Bridge's parent company Medical Web Experts.