XwinSys Upgrades Scanning Technology to Inspect 3D Defects

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 8, 2016

TORANTO, ON: The semiconductor industry is heading towards miniaturization with new developments rising every other day. Of the many commodities that are heading into the nano-phase, one of the most prominent are the thin films which are going ultra-thin by the day. This calls for better technology to inspect for unnatural contours and defects.

 In light of this development, XwinSys, a subsidiary of Eurocontrol Technics Group, which specializes in providing Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (ED-XRF), has announced the integration of its latest XRF technology referred to as NMT into its hybrid product line.

NMT measurement, which is Noise-reduced Multilayer Thin-film measurement, is an innovative approach to in-line inspection and metrology features that can accurately analyze elements on ultra-thin films. It can be used to inspect 3D localized features and geometrical defects, voids and defects in the element itself.

"Our NMT technology is an industry innovation that is designed to be successfully utilized for a variety of in-line applications in the semiconductor and related industries. We are extremely pleased to announce the completion of full integration in our hybrid product line that combines this enhanced XRF with our 2D and 3D optical measurement techniques," says Doron Reinis, Chief Operating Officer, Eurocontrol.

It enhances traditional XRF solutions and overcomes limitations of established technologies for measuring ultra-thin films. These thin films, which can be a single layer of atoms of a specific material, are a critical component in the construction of advanced semiconductor devices. The key attribute of the NMT technology is the improvement in sensitivity which is obtained by improving signal to background noise.

"The rapid increase in interest in NMT from leading manufacturers in the global semiconductor industry is a clear indication to us that this ground-breaking technology could have a significant impact on the industry," adds Bruce Rowlands, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Eurocontrol.