XXL Box Paves Way towards Secure Cloud Storage Data Back Up

By CIOReview | Monday, February 8, 2016

FREMONT, CA: XXL Cloud provides a secure document cloud storage, sharing and backup solution. Thus XXL Cloud is filling the gap in the current market, and orienting towards people who do not want their documents or files to be accessed by the provider also. XXL Box is a secure cloud storage for all files, photos, documents, videos, and all other data that is important. By utilizing XXL Box app users can access document within the cloud storage.

Files stored in XXL Box are safely backed up and synchronized with other installations of XXL Box and the cloud, making files accessible from all devices. The transfer of large files to other parties is possible even in the absence of an XXL Box account. Personal files and work files can be viewed in any computer or tablet through XXL Box app for android and iOS. The solution features file sync, automatic back up of photos and videos, and files link sharing with groups of people without using e-mail attachments.

Data hosted in to the XXL cloud storage is encrypted before being hosted onto the cloud from the device which ensures that data remains encrypted making intrusion into the cloud storage almost close to impossible for hackers and intruders. To ensure loss of data due to a catastrophic failure or accident, the company’s cloud storage server stores data in three different locations thus making the data accessible at any time.

The XXL Box offers 2 GB storage, private encryption, a public Cloud, limited version to 30 days of history and limited standard support whereas with the XXL Box Pro, a storage space of 300 GB and 90 days history record is available. Furthermore XXL Box Business Plan caters unlimited storage, a private Cloud and 24/7 support that is customizable.