XY Share It Uses Indiegogo's Cloud Funding Platform

By CIOReview | Monday, September 7, 2015

SAN DIEGO, CA: XY, creator of XY Find It, a locator that helps users keep track of personal items, launches and Indiegogo crowd funding campaign to fund its digital photo-sharing device, XY Share It, that will ease the process of sharing and viewing photos. Indiegogo is a provider of crowd funding platform to raise funds for projects. Indeigogo’s crowd funding platform will support creators throughout their campaign.

XY Share It is a Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) powered device that allows users to share pictures with people around them. Using the XY Share It app on the user’s phone or tablet, the user can select the Share It album that the user wishes to share and the user on the receiving end can use the Share It app to receive the pictures securely without the hassle of emails, texts, or social media. In order to transfer the album both the sender and the receiver need to be near the XY Share It device.

XY Share It allows the sender to control who is seeing their photos and which photos are being shared. It also helps the users to select whether the album is shared with a group of people or limited to a small group. It is an easy to carry, small device that can be carried in a pocket also.

"At XY, our mission is to build small devices that do big things, our goal is to create products that solve real-world problems, and our Indiegogo campaign launch today will promote a device that does just that," says Nick Trouw, lead product designer, XY.