Xybion's Pristima Suite to Cater Scalability in Veterinary Pre-Clinical Research Mechanism

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 7, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Tracking and managing veterinary facilities and researching on subjects throughout the pre-clinical research process are often challenging. In order to expand its pharmacodynamics research arena for veterinary services, CTI Biotechnology will be implementing Xybion’s Pristima 7 Preclinical Suite in their workflow.

Xybion provides software, Business Process Management (BPM) and compliance services for preclinical lab management, drug discovery and regulatory compliance. Pristima is Xybion integrated enterprise solution to facilitate entire veterinary preclinical research process for breeding and ordering through the study submission process.

Pristima offers interoperability throughout the drug discovery lifecycle process, multi-language data entry and reporting support and streamline reporting and submission process through instant statistical analysis. It supports hosted environment through Software-as-a-Service model and numerous continuous studies and users as well as quality data management concerning business rules, security and audit trials.

CTI is leveraging Xybion’s validation package, training and installation services and Pristima’s competencies of Colony Management to track animals orders, General Toxicology to study toxic substance presence in animal’s body, Clinical Pathology to diagnose disease tracked in animal through laboratory tests, Repro Toxicology and Pathology modules for analytic testing in related field.

Pristima was preferred by CTI Biotechnology to bridge gap between the business, animal management and scientific aspects of research as it provides graphical user interface, detailed reports and visualization for animal facility solution.