XYZ Reality’s AR Product The Atom to Revolutionize the Construction Industry
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XYZ Reality’s AR Product The Atom to Revolutionize the Construction Industry

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Next-generation Augmented Reality (AR) technology will be publicly released by a construction technology business in November.

FREMONT, CA: With AR, construction businesses may plan a project from beginning to end, ensuring accuracy and eliminating rework to save money on building projects. One of the most potent engineering-grade Augmented Reality tools will be showcased at Digital Construction Week (DCW) in London in 2021 by XYZ Reality, the transformative construction technology firm behind Holosite.

The Atom is a game-changer for construction experts that will revolutionize the industry, making construction more innovative, more accurate, and more efficient than ever before. XYZ Reality's Commercial Launch includes the launching of this AR product.

Commenting on the launch and the event, XYZ Reality Founder and CEO David Mitchell says, "DCW is one of the biggest and most prestigious events in the global ConTech calendar, so it was a natural choice as the setting for our commercial launch. The release of The Atom demonstrates our exponential growth over the last four years, and since securing our Series A funding in June 2021, our teams have been hard at work preparing for our commercial launch. We cannot wait to engage with delegates, showcasing The Atom's powerful capabilities and showing how everything we do as a business is always driven by the specific needs of the construction industry."

With its hospitality and Construction Playground zones, the virtual reality company will have a significant presence at the must-attend ConTech event as a Gold Sponsor. Along with construction partners, XYZ Reality's team will be featured on the primary and ancillary stages to illustrate the real benefits engineering-grade Augmented Reality has brought for construction teams.

It's the first time that XYZ Reality will allow attendees of Digital Construction Week to view and feel The Atom's pioneering, groundbreaking technology in action. Attendees will be able to manipulate holograms of BIM to get a better sense of the technology's precision, power, and ability to revolutionize construction sites.

Ollie Hughes, Co-Founder of Digital Construction Week, adds, "We're delighted to have XYZ Reality as a Gold Sponsor partner, and that they're choosing DCW 2021 to announce their commercial launch. David and the team are incredible ambassadors for the ConTech industry and are actively demonstrating through incredible innovation how digital technology is improving every single process within the construction journey, leading to a safer, smarter and a higher quality built environment."