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Y Soft Launches YSoft SAFEQ Cloud

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 16, 2020
Václav Muchna, CEO

Václav Muchna, CEO

With YSoft SAFEQ Cloud, users will not need server-based locally managed print infrastructure.

FREMONT, CA: The leading enterprise workflow solutions provider Y Soft announced its launch of YSoft SAFEQ Cloud. It is a new addition to cloud print management and hosted infrastructure services. YSoft SAFEQ Cloud consists of two essential components, which are YSoft SAFEQ CloudPro and YSoft SAFEQ CloudPro.

With the new service, the users will not require the necessity of locally managed print infrastructure like servers. The technology can also decrease the expense of providing and running robust print services because the leading print management provider will deliver all these.

The print management of SAFEQ CloudPro will have various features and a reserved infrastructure that us better for use in the enterprises. Besides, it also provides choices like Core, Elite, resiliency levels, and Ultra. Each of them offers increasingly high resiliency and efficient performance. The Customized level allows the Y Soft to maintain the required unique infrastructure in the individual customer basis that consists of hosting by utilizing the customers or partners cloud providers. Moreover, it is also possible to use SAFEQ CloudPro with or without the Y Soft Edge device's help.

The SAFEQ Breeze is designed to serve the small and medium-size organizations (SMBs) who do not want to employ any IT staff for managing the print services. SAFEQ Breeze can also be used with or without a Y Soft Edge device to assist core print management features and shared hosting infrastructure.

V¡clav Muchna, Y Soft CEO and co-founder, commented that "With YSoft SAFEQ CloudPro and YSoft SAFEQ Breeze, we are delivering on our mission to help businesses run smarter." He further said that "We significantly invested in our product development to introduce a native cloud solution that efficiently scales in the cloud as businesses needs grow. We will continue to add to our cloud family of services and functionalities to meet the needs of our partners and customers. Y Softs future is firmly rooted in the cloud."

The SAFEQ CloudPro and SAFEQ Breeze securely and efficiently control an organization's print infrastructure. The Y Soft Edge device provides the businesses with further document security as job processing is conducted in the business's own private and secure network.