Yates Construction to Leverage the Benefits of Viewpoint BIM Manager
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Yates Construction to Leverage the Benefits of Viewpoint BIM Manager

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 31, 2014

PORTLAND, OR: Viewpoint Construction Software announces that Yates, construction service providers based in USA, has purchased Viewpoint’s browser-based review system, building information modeling (BIM) for effectively sharing project information models with all key project stakeholders.

BIM Manager enables integration of construction data from multiple sources into a common model making it possible to collaboratively review, annotate and comment on large quantities of project related documents. This software will resolve the challenges of sharing large volumes of data and running into software compatibility issues with internal and external stakeholders. Built on an Open BIM platform, BIM Manager was selected by Yates for its ability to simplify the real time flow of Building Information Models and the drawings, documents and project data derived from them for a team that is looking to better utilize BIM.

“Viewpoint has proven to be a solid and innovative technology partner and when examining their roadmap for future product development and internal and external integration, we confidently decided to purchase BIM Manager,” states Benjamin Crosby, Director of VDC/BIM with Yates. “Communication and collaboration with the right stakeholder at the right time has proven an invaluable asset. BIM Manager will be another tool at our disposal, empowering our team with what they need to get the job done.”

“BIM Manager helps ensure that best practice workflows can be implemented to realize the true benefits of BIM, and I look forward to seeing Yates’ successes with using the tool set available today as we bring more great functionality to their business and continuously develop BIM Manager to support the needs of the global construction industry,” says John Adams, BIM Product Manager with Viewpoint.

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