YellowBird’s New Web App Design to Simplifies the Recruitment Process
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YellowBird’s New Web App Design to Simplifies the Recruitment Process

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 24, 2021

YellowBird web app has been revamped to make it even easier for EHS experts to connect with businesses to keep workplaces safe and healthy across the nation.

FREMONT, CA: Anthony Argenziano, Chief Product Officer for YellowBird, states, "The new web app is built with a key YellowBird principle in mind, to help you worry less so you can focus on what matters most. We started with a vision and core Product Values to build out our platform, and along the way have received tremendous feedback from both our Companies and Professionals. This launch represents two years of building our product based on industry and customer data analysis and is a major step forward for the future of the YellowBird platform." On-demand gig economy marketplace YellowBird redesigned its web app to speed up connecting businesses with risk management and EHS expertson-demand. In the new Web App 2.5, YellowBirds uses Artificial Intelligence to compare hundreds of data points that speed up registration and hiring procedures, offer new abilities, and provide transparent pricing alternatives.

Professionals in Risk Management and EHS who use the newly redesigned online app may now look forward to a registration experience that is more user-friendly. More than one hundred new qualifications and credentials can now be added to a user's profile during the profile creation process, including information about the user's schooling, languages are spoken, and other certifications. After registering, professionals go through a four-step onboarding process instead of the seven-step one previously in place.

“In the Risk Management and EHS industries, sometimes it can take days or even weeks for companies to find a professional to work with them, but with our marketplace it only takes minutes. We want to continue to make the process as smooth as possible,” says Michael Zalle, founder and CEO of YellowBird. “The improved web app reflects our commitment to helping businesses and qualified professionals find the perfect match that suits their experience and expertise.”

In addition, YellowBird has sped up the process of finding the perfect specialist for firms. Employers have the option of selecting a service from a drop-down menu that contains a description and an accurate price. There is an opportunity to add a job if it isn't mentioned. If a company needs the same service repeatedly, it can simply copy an existing task to avoid the tedious process of creating a new one. To make things even easier, YellowBird has released a new web app. Corporations can analyze and verify each project in real-time, thanks to the ease with which professionals can submit their work.