Yokogawa's CENTUM VP R6.03 Frames a Smart Engineering Ecosystem
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Yokogawa's CENTUM VP R6.03 Frames a Smart Engineering Ecosystem

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 24, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Many medium and small scale manufacturing firms incorporate much of the workforce to streamline their production systems. Lack of automation and use of industrial software has compelled companies to spend more on labor for various production activities—taking readings, controlling pressure, and temperature and many more. Yokogawa, an industrial automation and control system software provider developed CENTUM VP R6.03, a new version of the flagship CENTUM VP integrated production control system.

“Yokogawa is committed to the emerging wireless technologies as a way forward in implementing total solutions with wireless sensor networks to enhance the functionality of Distributed Control System (DCS) and plant asset management,” Penny Chen, PhD, Principal System Architect, Yokogawa Strategic Technology Market Center (USMK).

The flagship CENTUM VP offers an enhanced operation, monitoring, and engineering environment for every phase of the plant lifecycle starting from the initial design, engineering, system and equipment installation, operation and on-going performance. With the development of CENTUM VP R6.03, users currently operating on CENTUM CS, CENTUM CS 1000, and CENTUM CS 3000 can upgrade smoothly to CENTUM VP. The CENTUM VP R6.03 is compatible with existing cabinets, terminal blocks, and field instrument cables; it also supports application software that was developed for earlier CENTUM releases.

Masatoshi Nakahara, Director and Executive Vice President, Yokogawa also states that the development of CENTUM VP emphasized four new innovations—advanced operation, smart engineering, system agility, and sustainable plant. These innovations empower operators to take smart decisions and build an optimum system performance throughout the plant lifecycle. Yokogawa focuses on delivering CENTUM VP R6.03 integrated production control system to various process industries — oil and natural gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, electric power, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, foods, iron and steel, and water and wastewater plants.

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