Yoodli is Leveraging AI to Help People by Reducing the Struggles of Public Speaking
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Yoodli is Leveraging AI to Help People by Reducing the Struggles of Public Speaking

By CIOReview | Monday, October 25, 2021

Yoodli aims to help people communicate confidently without the fear of public speaking.

FREMONT, CA: Public speaking is a crucial skill that helps people connect, motivate changes, and influence decisions. According to a study by the National Institute of Mental Health, 73 percent of people are afraid of public speaking, and however, we all have to speak in front of groups at some point. Oral communication is the number one ability that college students find helpful after graduation, according to numerous surveys, although it is not taught explicitly in school.

Yoodli, a startup leveraging AI to help people uncover the essential soft skills to present and communicate confidently, has opened early access to their beta product on their website. The founding team of Varun Puri, Esha Joshi, and Dr. Ehsan Hoque, alumni from GoogleX, Apple, and the MIT Media Lab, brings enthusiasm to a challenge that most people experience every day.

“Many of us have struggled with public speaking and have been on the receiving end of poorly delivered presentations,” states Varun Puri, Co-founder of Yoodli. “During my time in Silicon Valley, I met countless colleagues, often fellow immigrants, who didn’t receive the recognition they deserved because they struggled to communicate effectively. Our platform will be an incredible leveler enabling people to practice and get real time feedback based on science as well as from friends and coaches.”

“As a female engineer in a male dominated industry, I felt like I had to try even harder for people to take me seriously,” adds Esha Joshi, Co-founder and CTO of Yoodli. “The nerves and doubts before a presentation can be crushing, and the feeling of successfully expressing yourself in front of an audience is a huge confidence booster. Our platform takes you from the nerves to the confident persona you need to achieve your goals.”

“We see a tremendous opportunity to use AI as a way to improve human social and cognitive skills,” comments Matt Mcllwain, Managing Director of Madrona Venture Group. “We like to back exciting teams from Day One and this team has the passion, technical and industry experience that inspires us to come to work every day. And give presentations!”