Young Chevrolet Leverages Eyewitness Service Lane System to Safeguard their Assets

By CIOReview | Monday, February 29, 2016

DALLAS, TX:  Eyewitness, a video surveillance provider has joined force s with an automotive industry Young Chevrolet, to provide security services across 16 acres of land and all the assets of Young Chevrolet. Previously Young Chevrolet has employed security guard to safe guard their assets.

Eyewitness provides cost-effective solution that incorporates video surveillance monitoring and operational efficiencies including false claims and parking lot damages.  When it comes to the security of tangible assets of the firm, software security tools rarely finds the importance. Video surveillance system (VSS) is the best option to safeguard the assets that can be leveraged to protect a firm, people, group or object.

Rebecca Wilmoth, Director of inside Sales and Marketing, Eyewitness inks in her blog that “Young Chevrolet has recognized the numerous promised benefits of remote interactive video monitoring solutions. After the implementation of Eyewitness’s technology and remote interactive surveillance Young Chevrolet are able to cover over the entire acreage of the property with 50 exterior cameras and around 20 interior cameras.
The video surveillance helped Young Chevrolet in the first week of the implementation of Eyewitness technology; there was an incident in which a customer complained that the rear bumper of their vehicle was missing when they left the dealership. The Young Chevrolet team was able to utilize Eyewitness’ Service Lane System and the video showed that the bumper was intact. This has encouraged Young Chevrolet to use the service lane system.

Keith Young, CEO, Young Chevrolet says “he is pleased with the quality of the cameras, quick installation and ongoing service issues. The surveillance aspect has already saved $1,000 on a false collision shop claim.”

Some of the key features of Eyewitness Service Lane System include monitoring of the service lane, exhibiting video confirmation of a vehicles condition to the customer upon arrival, automatically capturing vehicles details upon the entry time, immediate responding to the customer claims with just few clicks. The platform is user friendly and is compatible with mobile devices/computers.