Zadara Storage and WebHouse Collaborate to Offer an Integrated Enterprise STaaS Service

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 5, 2016
Dan Kerning, CEO, Bill Hogan, President, WebHouse

Dan Kerning, CEO, Bill Hogan, President, WebHouse

FREMONT, CA: WebHouse announced the collaboration with Zadara Storage, an enterprise-class Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) provider to add Zadara Cloud platform as a part of latest WebHouse Storage-as-a-Service offering.. A research suggested that organizations are mainly facing three storage related problems—capacity planning, and forecasting, dealing with the growth of data and capacity, and the high price of Capital Expense (CapEx) storage. These problems lead to the migration of CapEx storage into cost effective and flexible OpEx storage solutions.

WebHouse acknowledged these problems and made a market shift by launching an advanced STaaS solution to fulfill the market needs. WebHouse selected Zadara Storage as their partner while making the shift for the advancement of enterprise STaaS. The latest STaaS service of WebHouse provides manageability, scalability, and financial benefits to the customers that they were lacking, when it comes to conventional CapEx storages. “Our Cloud-based solutions make it possible for organizations to deploy business critical environments to meet data security or retention needs,” says Dan Kerning, CEO, WebHouse.

There are various prime factors behind the partnership between Zadara Storage and WebHouse. The primary reason is its pay-as-you-go OpEx business model that is advantageous for the customers in comparison to the conventional CapEx approach with financial and scalability benefits. The second factor behind the collaboration is the critical set of enterprise-class features formulated by Zadara that is not available in any of the cloud storage subscriptions in the market. The third reason is the impressive cloud flexibility provided by Zadara. It provides various options to customers while selecting the storage—on-premise, cloud or hybrid offering. The final factor is that the business model and architecture of Zadara Storage is built to provide appropriate support to the service providers. The tiered architecture of Zadara delivers resource isolation, charge-back capabilities, and easy provisioning to make it a smooth-running solution for WebHouse to deploy at the customer’s end.