ZCorum Deploys DOCSIS Broadband Tools into Japan with Mediatti Broadband

By CIOReview | Monday, September 28, 2015

Alpharetta, GA: ZCorum, a leading provider of managed broadband services and diagnostics for broadband service providers, announces that it is providing diagnostics and network management services to Mediatti Broadband for their cable operations at the US military installations in Okinawa including Kadena Air Base in Okinawa City. The agreement focuses on providing diagnostics tools, Network Operations Center monitoring and engineering support for the military installations.

Located in Okinawa City, Kadena Air Base is the hub of airpower in the Pacific, and home to the Air Force's largest combat wing -- the 18th Wing -- and a variety of associate units. Together they form "Team Kadena". Nearly 18,000 Americans and more than 4,000 Japanese employees and contractors make up Team Kadena.

The base's estimated economic impact upon Okinawa's economy is more than $700 million annually.

Under the agreement, Mediatti is able to utilize TruVizion, ZCorum’s cable modem and CMTS diagnostics application for DOCSIS, DSL and FTTH networks. The platform integrates customer data, network metrics and other diagnostics information that allows customer service and network personnel to troubleshoot individual subscriber issues and problems further out in the cable plant. Mediatti’s field technicians will also have access to TechVizion, the companion mobile app for TruVizion. The app gives field personnel visibility into any modem on their network, at any time, from any location. TechVizion also has the ability to show EMTA data for VoIP devices, historical data and comparisons, device locations and CMTS statistics.

“ZCorum is at the forefront of tools that are designed to help broadband providers better understand their networks and make their troubleshooting more effective and efficient,” said Arthur Skinner, VP of Worldwide Sales and Business Development for ZCorum. “TruVizion’s patented technology provides a diagnostics solution that will give Mediatti’s tech ops and dispatch personnel streamlined tools and deeper insight into their cable plant.”

“Our expansion into Japan with Mediatti is an important milestone for ZCorum. We’re gratified by Mediatti’s confidence in our technology and are proud to be servingthe personnel at Kadena Air Base,” says Julie Compann, President and CEO, ZCorum.