Zebra Imaging Launches 3D Hologram Creator Plugin for Autodesk Revit

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 22, 2015

AUSTIN, TX: Zebra Imaging announces launch of a 3D hologram Creator plug-in for Autodesk Revit Building Information Modeling (BIM) software. With the latest release now all Revit users can quickly and easily create designs that can be printed as visually stunning 3D holographic prints. This will help Revit to showcase their architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) designs in much more visually appealing way.
Zebra Imaging, a provider of digital holographic technology, takes a leap forward and creates realistic, three-dimensional experiences. Zebra Imaging’s technology creates compelling 3D visual experiences through their unique film-based prints that are true 3D holograms, made from 3D digital models and displayed with a simple light and viewed without glasses.

“Holograms are new to the architecture market, but their ability to depict depth and detail in eye-catching ways, are exactly what clients want to see,” says Chuck Scullion, President and CEO, Zebra Imaging.
The 3D Hologram Creator extends the native file export capabilities of Revit’s software to include OBJ files, the format required for holographic printing. The software will export all selected geometry in a 3D view along with any materials used in the scene, and it fits seamlessly into any AEC professional’s workflow.
Holograms help in increasing visual awareness of a 3D model, particularly for people who are visually influenced, and ultimately increases the collaboration and understanding of the overall design. Furthermore, the ‘wow’ factor of holograms makes it a powerful tool during bidding of a project.
“Immersing clients into a design will now be as simple as preparing a file for printing. The focus belongs on the design, not the process,” adds Scullion.
Through the 3D Hologram Creator plug-in for Revit, users can now visualize and create their holograms directly within the Revit application and export their design to Zebra Imaging under a short span of time. The hologram will then be created at Zebra Imaging’s print center and will be shipped out anywhere in the world. Zebra Imaging is able to have most projects completed within five to seven business days from receiving the order.
“Providing Revit users with the ability to create holograms from building models adds a new level of sophistication to design visualization,” says Sasha Crotty, Product Manager, Revit Core, Autodesk.