Zebra Technologies Cloud-based Temperature Monitoring Solution for Business' Refrigeration Requirements

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 19, 2016

FREMONT, CA: The ubiquity of wireless networks has fueled the rapid growth of IoT. Following the trend, Zebra Technologies, a provider of real-time visibility into businesses embraces Atmel Corporation, a provider of Microcontroller and touch technology solutions, has announced “Zatar” to propel the retail industry into the age of IoT.

Zatar is an ARM mbed enabled IoT Cloud Service and acts as a smart refrigeration IoT reference design. The partnership integrates ARM mbed IoT Device Platform – an operating system for internet-connected devices – with low-power wireless mesh technologies. It enables electronic manufacturers to rapidly and securely collect data from individual sensors to build end-to-end IoT solutions.

The key features of Zatar include:  standards- based IoT cloud service, real-time insights through an open API to develop apps, a device portal to keep an eye on enterprise assets and monitor their performance and make smarter devices by harnessing the power of standards (CoAP, LWM2M).

The Smart Refrigeration IoT Solution Reference Design allows retailers, manufacturers and logistics companies to quickly deploy automatic and real-time temperature monitoring solution for perishable goods. It is designed to manage a large-scale and commercial deployment which in turn reduces the time-to-time market for connected products thereby bringing improved security and energy efficiency.

"Managing and recording the temperature of fast-moving, perishable goods is increasingly necessary for a superior, safer customer experience. Bringing together Atmel's low-power, mesh technologies with Zatar, our IoT Cloud Service, helps retailers eliminate the cost and inaccuracy of manual recordings and meet compliance requirements.” says Thomas Kurian, senior director, New Growth Platforms, Zebra Technologies.