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ZEDEDA Unveils Open Edge Ecosystem to Scale Global Enterprise Digital Transformation

By CIOReview | Monday, August 24, 2020

ZEDEDA, the leader in IoT edge orchestration, has announced its Open Edge Ecosystem of technology and services partners supported by the company’s open edge orchestration solution.

FREMONT, CA: ZEDEDA has showcased a commitment to openness and standardization in the Edge and IoT market since its genesis. The company’s open edge orchestration solution is based on Project EVE, which contributed to LF Edge in early 2019 as a founding member. The project now has approx 50 unique contributors from ZEDEDA, Xilinx, Intel, Global Logic, Atomic, GE Research, and Timesys. LF Edge, a vendor-neutral open source organization, supported by The Linux Foundation, is developing an open, interoperable framework for edge computing.

In a parallel to the open Android ecosystem, which represents close to 90 percent of the global market share for mobile, the EVE open computing engine aims to drive the same scale and choice for IoT Edge solutions. ZEDEDA’s open ecosystem is merged through the vendor-neutral EVE foundation, which supports the customer choice of hardware, applications, and cloud while mitigating lock-in.

Open Edge Ecosystem to be Declared at ZEDEDA Transform

ZEDEDA founder and CEO says that Ouissal will discuss the partner ecosystem in greater detail at Transform, ZEDEDA’s inaugural technology and business conference for professionals interested in digital transformation done by edge and IoT solutions. The free, virtual event displays solution breakouts and thought leadership panels presented by various leading technology providers, analysts, and influencers.

According to Ouissal, an open model always wins for a scale while deleting the vendor lock-in and maximizing business potential. The open ecosystem allows the customers to choose the best-in-breed technology and services providers that offer turn-key solutions or augment their in-house development.

Creating a Network Effect to Maximize Value Enabled by Edge and Solutions

In the past five years, the emerging Edge and IoT markets have offered a dizzying landscape of proprietary platforms—each with wildly different kinds for data collection, orchestration, and security. ZEDEDA’s Open Edge Ecosystem solves these disparities by getting market-leading hardware and software providers together with the industry experts in verticals like buildings, manufacturing, energy, oil and gas, and retail unique technological and domain-specific needs of each sector.