ZeGo Robotics Chosen for Building Proof-of-Concept 3D Printer for Graphene 3D Lab

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 18, 2015

NEW YORK, NY: Graphene 3D Lab signs a contract agreement with Pittsburgh based ZeGo Robotics, to develop a proof-of-concept 3D printer. The prototype device will be tailor made to enable printing of Graphene's conductive graphene filament and other functionally-enhanced composite materials.

ZeGo Robotics is committed to creating equipments for the DIY robotics market. Reporting on the contract, Bridget Butler Millsaps writes for 3dprinting.com, “ZeGo multifunctional delta robot is shipped to customers for assembly of hardware, electronics, tools, and software. The robot features multiple attachments and applications. They also offer numerous online workshops for their users.

Graphene 3D Lab pioneered the use of their graphene nanocomposites and other materials for several industrial 3D printing purposes. Now they want to expand not only the strength of their product graphene but also its conductivity, flexibility, and transparency into a wider product range.

The prototype which is expected to be rolled out in three months will be owned by Graphene 3D Lab and will be considered work for hire. They will also have the intellectual property rights for the contracted duration and be granted a perpetual, royalty-free license to use any pre-existing ZeGo intellectual property integrated into the machine.

Graphene 3D Lab CEO, Daniel Stolyarov, comments, "Graphene 3D Lab believes the development of a 3D printer uniquely designed to capitalize on our functional filaments is core to achieving our goal of developing a dynamic ecosystem to allow the 3D printing of operational devices."

Graphene 3D Lab is confident that the proof-of-concept machine contracted by ZeGo will have an optimal turnaround time and will maximize long-term benefits for Graphene 3D Lab. With this contract Graphene also drops the previous plan to acquire Boots Industries.

Daniel Goncharov, owner of ZeGo Robotics, remarks, "This is an exciting opportunity for ZeGo Robotics to collaborate with Graphene 3D Lab's research and development arm; the project will combine our expertise in the development of 3D printers with their expertise in specialty printing materials to develop a groundbreaking new product."