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Zendesk Partners with AppDirect to Boost Sales

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 8, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Zendesk, a provider of cloud-based customer service platform, is partnering with AppDirect to provide an online portal for its value added resellers (VAR). The portal will provide a platform for VARs to manage their customers, reports Joseph Tsidulko for CRN.

Zendesk is looking forward to develop a channel strategy to boost sales. The company is recruiting partners with the help of AppDirect’s new Monetization Suite to provide its new value added resellers an online portal for managing customers.

The channel structure will support two primary types of partners: channel resellers for managing subscriptions on behalf of end customers and partners for referring the product to customers. Partners can log into their portal, enter new customers who will be vetted internally by Zendesk, then load up a shopping carts with products for those customers.

Zendesk offers ticketing services that businesses can use to serve their customers, and a self-service platform called Help Center. Leveraging AppDirect’s solution, Zendesk will enable its partners to choose services for their customers and have data flow into vendor’s back-end systems for internal billing, visibility and CRM integration.

AppDirect's platform for distributing SaaS products will be "a tool for Zendesk partners to distribute their software, understand what their pipeline looks like, get collateral to assist them in more-effectively selling and managing Zendesk," says Mindy Lieberman, VP, IT, Zendesk.