ZenduIT with Maintenance Assistant to Improvise Fleet Management with GPS Integration
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ZenduIT with Maintenance Assistant to Improvise Fleet Management with GPS Integration

By CIOReview | Friday, August 28, 2015

TORONTO, ON: Asset management software provider Maintenance Assistant declares a new strategic tie up with ZenduIT to enhance the course of Fleet Maintenance. ZenduIT’s indigenously built integration transmits real-time diagnostic data from Geotab, (GPS vehicle tracking device) to Maintenance Assistant’s cloud-based maintenance and asset management solution.

President and Co-Founder of ZenduIT, Vishal Singh believes that through this partnership they can deliver a fully integrated, white labeled fleet maintenance management solution for the ZenduIT customers and set them apart as true industry innovators.

 This improvement can transform formerly static GPS data into actionable information which can trigger work orders under the Maintenance Assistant application. This provides an edge to the fleet managers, as the Geotab GPS monitoring device can send real-time data to Maintenance Assistant’s cloud which helps them to keenly monitor their assets and subjectively maximize their value.

“Working with ZenduIT to develop an integrated fleet management solution is another exciting milestone for us, as we continue to aggressively disrupt the enterprise market through new vertical opportunities,” admits James Novak, COO. “Our unique cloud platform allows us to be a technology enabler for customers and partners like ZenduIT as we continue to create IoT integrations with actionable endpoints for M2M applications.”

Both the new and existing customers of ZenduIT and Maintenance Assistant will be the major gainers of this partnership with incredible advantages.