Zenfleet from Zendrive Uses Driver-Centric Analytics to Enhance Driver Safety

By CIOReview | Thursday, November 27, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Zendrive, a company that seeks to make driving better through improved data and analytics has launched its first service, ZenFleets.

The ZenFleets help fast growing rideshare, carshare and last-mile delivery companies to scale safely and efficiently with driver-centric analytics. Zendrive interprets data from phone sensors and contextual data, to determine the driver's caution, control and focus while on the road. Unlike traditional hardware-based solutions, Zendrive is pioneering Driver-Centric Analytics. With the Zendrive’s use of Data Analytics, the focus is put on the driver instead of the car which in turn increases driver safety by reducing behaviors like cell phone usage.

Zendrive's technology is fast for companies where drivers change fleets quite frequently and work  for more than one fleet to integrate and easily scalable since it utilizes existing smartphones and requires no additional hardware. The technology is a SaaS bundle that delivers Zendrive's analytics and insights to fleet customers. Once a fleet integrates the Zendrive SDK into their own app or they start using the ZenFleet standalone app, Zendrive analyzes each driver's behavior and surfaces insights through a simple but powerful dashboard.

With the new capability to gather insights about driver behaviors, both individually and across a fleet, a number of On-Demand customers and technology partners are using ZenFleets to improve safety and efficiency of their drivers. These include rideshare companies, valet parking and other service providers including RedCap, HopSkipDrive, Dashride.