ZENTECH Unveils High-Speed 3D Inspection System to Eliminate Human Error Factor

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 17, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Zentech manufacturing announces the release of Nordson DAGE Xi3400 3D Automated X-ray Inspection (AXI) system. Nordson DAGE AXI inspects thoroughly the solder joints and other out of sight features found in electronic assemblies, PCBs and packaged semiconductors using the Digital Tomosynthesis Technology.

Zentech Manufacturing, is an  a electronics contract manufacturing company offering PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Assembly, PCB Testing, and PCB design services thereby thriving customers and ensure the success of our customers.

The Xi3400’s innovative algorithms enable fast and reliable automated inspection and real-time monitoring of critical process information. By a single inspection cycle, multiple images are developed in different slice heights, and also the images differentiate the content on the top and bottom of the double sided board, leading to unrestricted automated inspection.

The main features of this automated new system of inspection are: It is ideal for both in-line or off-line operation, high speed inspection, high accuracy and reliable. The automated technology in Xi3400   delivers a high quality electronic assembly supporting military and commercial sectors.

“The xi3400 AXI’s complex software algorithm and image discrimination between sides of the circuit assembly will provide us with high speed inspection and greatly reduce escapes by eliminating the human error factor - especially when inspecting BGAs and BTC’s”, Waleid Jabai , VP of Technology at Zentech.