Zentera Joins Red Hat ISV Partner Program to Address CoIP Security and Networking Concern

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Jaushin Lee, Founder and CEO, Zentera Systems

Jaushin Lee, Founder and CEO, Zentera Systems

SAN JOSE, CA: A number of enterprises today make use of the Linux distributions for their business processes. Zentera, a provider of solutions for cross-datacenter security and networking, announced its partnership with Red Hat as part of the ISV Partner Program. Based on a community-powered approach, which comprise of a blend of reliable and high-performing cloud, Linux, middleware, storage and virtualization technologies, Red Hat has been delivering effective open source software solutions. Enterprises already leveraging Linux distributions will be benefitted the most as Zentera introduces tools and resources to address Communication over Internet Protocol (CoIP) security and networking issues.

Enterprise data centers today are stressing more on aspects like data center migration and hybrid cloud, rather than just working around data center consolidation and virtualization. But, the basic challenge surfaces in orchestrating a federated and hybrid network. The Cloud solution is usually disarrayed from the corporate network, and is managed by multitude of servers. 

“We believe a new network architecture is required to solve the challenge of the Cloud Federation Network. Zentera can provide just the platform that allows enterprise IT to securely provision selected applications in the hybrid cloud and a federated environment without touching or changing any of the existing infrastructure or impacting operations,” says Jaushin Lee, Founder and CEO, Zentera Systems.

The CoIP platform helps in establishing an enterprise-grade security on its cross-datacenter, and cross-cloud overlaying networks. The platform connects and safeguards the company's compute resources, while shielding workloads on remote cloud endpoints. Furthermore, the security and network stacks furnished by CoIP works in conjunction with the Red Hat computing stack.

"Red Hat and Zentera together are a great combination for the emerging cross-cloud ecosystem," said Mike Loftus, VP of Strategy & Marketing, Zentera. "CoIP enables defense-in-depth for the open source community through its layers of security. It enables unified networks for production use across datacenters in multiple locations as well as across multiple kinds of datacenters and clouds."