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Zentera to Unleash CoIP Streaming for Data Centers

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 4, 2016
Dr. Jaushin Lee, CEO and Founder, Zentera

Dr. Jaushin Lee, CEO and Founder, Zentera

SAN JOSE, CA: Zentera Systems, Inc. released latest ‘CoIP Streaming’ solution with additional security layers for networking platforms. The company is known for its cross-data center security and networking solutions over public, private and managed hosted network domains. The cross cloud solution tenders networking and security solutions at enterprise level for new and upcoming cloud ecosystem. The latest solution by Zentera includes third-party security engines which provide seamless solutions through company’s CoIP security and networking platform.

The additional layers CoIP Streaming provides security-defense-in-depth which deals with active and passive flow and also fulfills security requirements for remote cloud computing.  The CoIP Streaming also allows implementing on-premise cloud data center solutions to be implemented for remote cloud endpoints. Zentera also announced that the live CoIP Streaming will be demonstrated at Booth 645 in Interop Las Vegas 2016's Expo.

"With CoIP Streaming, Zentera supplies a critical missing piece for the emerging cloud and cross-domain ecosystem. Now, enterprises can confidently adapt production workloads flexibly across sites, datacenters and remote clouds while continuing to use their existing highly effective and powerful streaming-based security measures." said Dr. Jaushin Lee, CEO and Founder, Zentera.

As the streaming capability of CoIP introduced by Zentera is in addition to CoIP’s existing platform, it allows network integrity and cloud application interlock.  Additionally, the east-west packet filtering by CoIP platform ensures seamless flow of data passing through centralized security and routing policy. CoIP Streaming safeguard workload by protecting company’s resources and computing environment of remote cloud infrastructure. In true sense, CoIP can be considered as a cross-domain, cross-datacenter, cross-cloud virtual overlay network.  

"Combating security threats in the enterprise is an ongoing challenge. CoIP Streaming is the logical next step in this effort. Zentera is enabling enterprises to migrate towards cloud and hybrid environments with minimal disruption to their legacy security systems," added Rebecca Bace, Cybersecurity Expert and CEO, Infidel, Inc.