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Ziften Partners announces Partnership with ReversingLabs to Enhance Endpoint Detection and Incident Response Solutions

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 17, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Ziften announced the integration of ReversingLabs’ TitaniumCloud File Threat Reputation Services with its endpoint detection and incident response solutions. This integration is meant to offer advanced file-level threat detection and analysis capabilities to help the customers in detecting malware threats aided with forensic reports.

Ziften’s next generation platform is proficient in threat detection, containment, analysis, and incident response and the integration with ReverseLabs advanced file-level threat detection and analysis solution provides Ziften’s customers with comprehensive intelligence on files that get executed on the endpoints. The ReversingLabs File Reputation Service is queried each time a new file appears, to determine whether they are malicious or benign. This is followed by the automatic collection of unknown files which are then sent for analysis to the ReversingLabs’ A1000 Malware Analysis Platform.

“The ReversingLabs file reputation and analysis solutions provide our customers immediate and up-to-date intelligence on the files on their endpoints,” says Josh Applebaum, VP of Product Strategy, Ziften. The ReversingLabs solution when coupled with the Ziften Management console offers its clients displays that show threat identification and classify all file events while providing a one-click option to access in-depth file analysis. This integrated endpoint solution is instrumental in quarantining suspicious or malicious files.

“ReversingLabs is proud to partner with Ziften to detect and respond to endpoint threats,” says Mario Vuksan, CEO, ReversingLabs. The objective of the company is to provide security professionals with useful information that lets them respond quickly and appropriately to complex cyber attacks.

Available with the current release of Ziften’s endpoint solution, the ReversingLabs integration has the capability of amplifying the existing security infrastructure to expedite investigative process in the aftermath of a cyber attack, pinpointing and rectifying the vulnerabilities during the process.